DRUNK FEMINIST FILMS events are for every feminist who can’t help snarking their way through problematic moments in movies they love – or love to hate. Imagine shouting and tweeting your #hottakes along with hundreds of other feminists, cocktail in-hand, guided by hilarious hosts and a drinking/yelling game that celebrates the best things about the film (female friendship! sexual agency!) and denigrates the worst (creepy bosses! cultural appropriation!).

With themed extras from costume contests to tarot readings to wedding cake, DFF is less a like a screening and more like a combo of the funnest party and funniest comedy show you’ve been to all year. DFF events are a popular destination for a night out with your best pals, and the perfect place to meet new friends who share your politics, sense of humour and love of ‘90s fashion. Feminists of all genders and imbibing levels (including sobriety) are welcome.