Halloween Programming with Neon Dreams and Retropath!

With Halloween just around the corner, we’re champing at the bit for some horror goodness! Join us Halloween weekend first with Neon Dreams and the second annual screening of Brian De Palma’s glam-rock opera Phantom of the Paradise, and then the Retropath screening of Robert Wise’s spooky classic The Haunting.

Neon Dreams: Phantom of the Paradise – October 29 at 8 pm

“Heeeeere we go agaaaaaain…

Neon Dreams’ first ever encore presentation! Back by popular demand we will be holding our traditional, time-honored, and very ritualistic 2nd edition of the Neon Dreams: PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE Halloween Special!

Brand new year, brand new pre-show, same exact movie. Brian De Palma’s “Faustian” glam-rock musical horror will once again grace the silver screen at The Royal Cinema, and this time around we have even more surprises that we wouldn’t dare to spoil now.

Are you ready to sell your souls for rock n’ rolls???”

Retropath!: The Haunting – October 31 at 8 pm

“Starring Owen Wilson (JUST KIDDING), Julie Harris, Claire Bloom, Richard Johnson and Russ Tamblyn, this chilling spook-show follows Dr. John Markway who invites three people to a mansion called Hill House to investigate paranormal activity. Markway is joined by the anxious Eleanor, the beatnik Theodora and the cynical Luke, who all react to the eerie and expansive house differently. At first, Luke remains unphased by the creaks in the night, Theodora faces everything with flippant sarcasm, but Eleanor; she’s different. Consumed by paranoia, Eleanor falls deeper and deeper into her psychosis, until her and Hill House become profoundly bonded, more than anyone could ever understand…

THE HAUNTING remains just as frightening as it was the day it was released, effectively using drastic and bizarre choices for camera angles to maximize the feelings of anxiety experienced by the characters. Also, most importantly, this film utilizes the house as not just a setting, but a living and breathing character in and of itself. Don’t miss this truly strange classic!”