2019 / 48 min. / PG
Director: Jade Blair, Stephen Thomas
Cast: Aley Waterman, Jade Blair, Stephen Thomas, Aliya Pabani, Austin Sauco & Konstantina Mantelos

One Ten Productions presents: MISS MISERY

One Ten Productions is proud to present a one night only screening of Miss Misery, a web series.

Amy and Jay have been together for three years and hit a slump. Amy is running on grant money, barely. Jay is noodling through a graduate degree. They really need to talk. But you know what sounds a lot more fun? Having sex with other people.

Meanwhile Lee, Amy’s best friend, proves that sex with randoms isn’t any easier. Lee’s exhausted by the grind of Instagram upkeep and the management of a million half-baked Tinder and Bumble convos, falls for a guy who already has a girlfriend. Her solution? Just date harder.

This is where Miss Misery starts, and it goes just as badly as you would imagine. Awkward dates, confusing threesomes, miscommunication – it’s misery.

Set in Toronto, Miss Misery is a sitcom-style web series of five 15-minute episodes that tells a full narrative arc from start to finish.

Miss Misery is an independent production funded by Indiegogo, with help from LIFT: Liaison for Independent Filmmakers and Sandboite.

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