1991 / 77 min. /
Director: Don Bluth
Cast: Glen Campbell, Christopher Plummer, Phil Harris

Baby Friendly!: ROCK-A-DOODLE

Because tots need movies too, we have a monthly kids program! Join us at The Royal Cinema for baby friendly screenings of some of your favourite children’s flicks – house lights on, and volume not-too-loud.

This month: ROCK-A-DOODLE

“In this animated film, Chanticleer (Glen Campbell), a barnyard rooster, has convinced the other animals that his crowing makes the sun rise. When, one day, he forgets to crow and the sun comes up anyway, the secret is out. He heads for the big city in shame. But as massive storms and dark clouds stop the sun from appearing, the farm animals get worried, so a mouse named Peepers (Sandy Duncan) and a kitten called Edmond (Toby Scott Granger) lead the gang on a trip to find Chanticleer in the city.”

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