1981 / 129 min. / 14A
Director: Frank Perry
Cast: Faye Dunaway, Diana Scarwid, Steve Forrest

(Bad) Mother’s Day: MOMMIE DEAREST

Join us this mother’s day weekend for our ode to some of the best bad moms to ever grace the silver screen. 

Get rid of your wire hangers, eat every last bit of your meal and get ready for a Mother’s Day extravaganza with MOMMIE DEAREST. Faye Dunaway stars as Joan Crawford, giving one historically excessive performance as the adoptive mother of Christina Crawford. The film chronicles Christina’s upbringing, and how even though the family looked beautiful on camera, behind the scenes there was a litany of abuse at the hands of Joan – but in the end it was Christina that got the final word.

Adapted of the long disputed tell-all from Christina herself, and forever in infamy as an essential camp classic that Dunaway has routinely avoided talking about interviews for years, this movie is all that good in the lands of cheese and excess. Bring mommie and get ready for a Mother’s Day to remember!

Also screening this weekend is John Waters’ pitch black killer mom comedy SERIAL MOM.

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