1994 / 95 min. / 14A
Director: John Waters
Cast: Kathleen Turner, Sam Waterston, Ricki Lake, Matthew Lillard, Mink Stole

(Bad) Mother’s Day: SERIAL MOM

Join us this mother’s day weekend for our ode to some of the best bad moms to ever grace the silver screen.

Mother knows best, especially when it comes to murder, in writer/director John Waters’ outrageously twisted comedy Serial Mom! In this spiritual sequel to Polyester – Waters delivers a scathing satire of suburban domesticity, motherhood, and America’s true crime obsession.

Oscar-nominee Kathleen Turner (in a deliriously unhinged performance), stars as Beverly Sutphin, a conscientious housewife and mother of two (played by Ricki Lake and Mathew Lillard) who casually takes up serial murder out of a combination of boredom and mild irritation at perceived slights and faux pas. As the bodies begin to pile up so does Beverly’s risk of being caught. But will mainstream media side with “Serial Mom” when the phenomenon of celebrity interferes with the justice system?

Filled with hilariously off-kilter bits, kooky cameos, and a truly heroic star turn from Kathleen Turner (who somehow manages to make her blood-lusting psychopath a likable person), Serial Mom is one of Waters’ most sustained critiques of a world in which life is supposedly safe and secure—unless, that is, you wear white shoes after Labor Day.

Also screening this weekend is Joan Crawford exposé – and ultimate bad mom – camp classic MOMMIE DEAREST.

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