2019 / 96 min. /
Director: Kelly Paoli, Victoria Long, Karen Knox, Gwenlyn Cumyn
Cast: Gwenlyn Cumyn, Karen Knox, Cynthia Hicks, Sarah Webber, Nadine Bhabha, AJ Vaage


Picking up where season one left off, pop duo Alice and Veronica (BARBELLE together) are heading out on tour immediately following a highly publicized romantic breakup, then very private reconciliation. Having sold out the tour (thanks to the media frenzy surrounding their breakup), Alice and Veronica are anxious to keep their rekindled romance under the radar, until after the tour.

Enter just about 50 wrenches in the works. BARBELLE’s label man and wannabe woke boy Richard unveils plans to start shooting a reality television show documenting the tour, creating a Kardashians/Lady Gaga’s Five Foot Two mashup you never knew you wanted. Oh, and Alice’s ex will be joining the tour, along with her band, Lulu and Les Bebes.

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