1998 / 101 min. / PG
Director: Troy Miller
Cast: Michael Keaton, Kelly Preston, Joseph Cross, Mark Addy, Henry Rollins

Bay Street Video presents: JACK FROST (1998)

“While Michael Keaton may be immortalized in the minds of many for his turns as Beetlejuice or Batman, there’s a whole generation of ‘90s kids who remember him fondly as a sardonic, rock star snowman in the 1998 seasonal effects extravaganza, Jack Frost!

As the frontman of a Christmas themed rock band, Jack Frost (Keaton) is often on the road and away from his wife (Kelly Preston) and adolescent son (Joseph Cross), who just wants to spend more time with his cool, harmonica-shredding dad. On his way back home from a gig on Christmas Eve, however, Jack loses control of his car in a snowstorm and tragically dies. But one year later, through the power of a magic harmonica (for real), Jack is reincarnated in the body of a snowman, in order to finally bond and make things right with his family.

With an $85 million budget and the titular shuffling and talking snowman created by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, Jack Frost was primed to be 1998’s big holiday blockbuster. Unfortunately, scathing reviews – including from Roger Ebert, who famously declared that the snowman was “the most repulsive single creature in the history of special effects” – ensured that it would become a massive box office bomb, even banishing Keaton to the Hollywood wilderness for what seemed like an eternity until his critical re-emergence in Birdman.

But through the power of home video and nostalgia, Jack Frost continues to stay cool, featuring all the hallmarks of classic ‘90s family films – irresponsible fathers, sports, disturbingly traumatic events, and a soundtrack full of period-specific easy-rock and pop hits (including Christmas jams by none other than Hanson). Plus, Henry Rollins pops up as an overly enthusiastic children’s hockey league coach!

It’s time for Jack Frost to take its place in the pantheon of great holiday family flicks.” – Mark Hanson, BSV Product Manager (not a member of Hanson)

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