1974 / 89 min. / R
Director: William Girdler
Cast: Carol Speed, William Marshall, Terry Carter

Black Gold: ABBY

BLACK GOLD is back at it again! Celebrating the best of black cinema and its heroes from then ’til now, Black Gold is excited to present our October screening, 1974’s blaxploitation horror classic ABBY!

“Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.” – Shadow And Act

“…it’s far from being one of the greatest black films ever made, but it’s sure as hell one of the most fun to watch!” – Indiewire

Written and directed by William Girdler (Sheba, Baby; The Manitou; Grizzly), ABBY was Girdler’s breakthrough film, raking in $4 million dollars at the box office before being pulled from theatres by the film’s distributor, American International Pictures, after accusations of copyright violation by Warner Bros. Long considered the black clone of The Exorcist, ABBY – alongsisde myriad other demonic posession exploitation flicks released at the time – undoubtedly capitalized on the coattails of the Exorcist’s success, while at the same time upgrading its use of standard demonic plot fare through the import of Yoruba culture with a schlocky, campy, and veritably exploitative twist.

An absolute cult classic starring Carol Speed and Blacula’s William H. Marshall, ABBY follows the steady progression of a woman possessed by a West African sex spirit. Or, as the film’s original theatrical poster proclaims, “Abby doesn’t need a man anymore. The Devil is her lover now!” As Abby falls deeper into the clutches of the demon spirit, her actions stand in stark contrast to her former role as a good, dutiful Christian housewife, leading us to ask: is ABBY “just” the black version of The Exorcist, or is the film a nuanced parable about a woman who comes to passionately embrace an explicitly secular black feminism? Think about it #WokeAbby


There will be prizes! A pre-show lobby pop-up from Eyesore Cinema who will be on hand with some great blaxploitation flicks for purchase!

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