2002 / 101 min. / R
Director: Michael Rymer
Cast: Aaliyah, Stuart Townsend, Marguerite Moreau

Black Gold and Queer Fear: QUEEN OF THE DAMNED

BLACK GOLD and Queer Fear are teaming up this February to show you what can happen when communities come together in the name of the macabre!

Black Gold & Queer Fear Present: QUEEN OF THE DAMNED

Saturday February 24th, 2018
Doors: 7:00pm
Pre-Show: 7:30pm

Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles are famously full of queer, but things got kicked up a notch with the casting of Aaliyah as the mother of all vampires in 2002. No longer were the Vampire Chronicles only responsible for bringing queerness into the vampire film on a larger scale, but they were responsible for creating one of the most idolized, powerful and awe-inspiring black woman characters in film history.

In the midst of a melodramatic story of a downtrodden Lestat, jaded and defeated from years of lacklustre vampirism, Queen Akasha awakens to show the world what true power is, commanding the screen in Aaliyah’s career defining role. Though she doesn’t appear until well after the 30 minute mark, Aaliyah’s Akasha quickly became an iconic character due to her ethereal and powerful presence on screen, a feat virtually (and unfortunately) unheard of for a woman of colour. Further adding to Akasha’s legacy was Aaliyah’s tragic death in September 2001, with the film being released posthumously.

Though the queerness in the film is more subtext and background knowledge of the series and Akasha appears for only a fraction of the film, its importance lies in representation. For two communities that have struggled with visibility, Queen of the Damned offered an opportunity for both to be empowered, in an even more rare situation, wherein both the queer and black communities were simultaneously represented by strong characterization.

Join Black Gold & Queer Fear for a night of entertainment and discussion, featuring fierce drag performances and a panel discussion exploring the importance of the film and our representation in the media.

Performer and panelist announcements coming soon!

There will be prizes! Generously sponsored by Boosie Fade and Eyesore Cinema!

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