/ 111 min. / 14A
Director: Albert Magnoli
Cast: Prince, Apollonia Kotero, Morris Day

Black Gold celebrates Prince: PURPLE RAIN

BLACK GOLD is back at it again! Celebrating the best of black screen icons from then ’til now, Black Gold invites you to join us in celebrating the life of the great purple one, his royal badness, the prince of funk himself, Prince Rogers Nelson, with a double bill of PURPLE RAIN and a rare 35mm screening of his previously lost classic SIGN O’ THE TIMES!

6:30 PM: PRE- SHOW

7PM: PURPLE RAIN (digital screening)
“This is an ode to suffering for art, and then harnessing whatever negative feelings may be bottled up inside to then produce something profound and beautiful. It says that the practical side to performing is not enough to build a connection with an audience, that being an artist is about revealing enough of your soul to expose a human frailty behind the bravado, but concealing just enough to retain that vital mystique.

Perhaps too singular and powerful a presence to excel in films in which he wasn’t the star, Prince left us with a filmography that is short and bittersweet. The film encapsulates the transcendent, spiritual side to his music, but also its undertow of violence and insouciant sexuality. The time is now to break the movie out again in memorial to this departed legend.”
— Little White Lies

9:30 PM: SIGN O’ THE TIMES (rare 35mm print!)
“The man himself is, of course, Himself. You experience Prince’s very body as cinema, his quicksilver bursts and twitches, the pop-and-lock, the clenched, deep-into-it eyes moving to high doe-eyed flirtatiousness in a millisecond, the hunch over the guitar moving into splits—his movements contain the paces of satisfying editing, with its intuitive variances, jaggedness butting up against slow flow. There’ll be no more displays of that munificent talent and giant heart, but screenings like this afford opportunities to commune with each other, and with that spirit and body equalized by pain, to love anew the will and wit and sexy, churchy funk of it all. And if that seems overly sentimental, I would submit that a life given over to art that doesn’t contain a measure of sentiment is worth less than nothing; you might as well take up solitaire.”
— Cine-File

Special double bill pricing will be available – be sure to grab your tickets in advance! There will be prizes!

Generously sponsored by The BeguilingBoosie Fade + Boosie Fade Film Club, and Eyesore Cinema!

We have 5 accessible sections in our theatre which you can reserve ahead of time by calling 416-466-4400 ext 0. One of our accessible seating areas has space for two mobility devices and a small section behind for the party to join. The other three are for single mobile devices with 2-3 seats beside it.

Please note that we do not have accessible washrooms. All of our washrooms are upstairs. Our neighbours at Agenda, a coffee shop located three store fronts over in the CHIN building, have an accessible washroom available for use before 8pm.

Black Gold wishes to acknowledge the Haudenosaunee and the Mississaugas of the New Credit, the original keepers of this land, for hosting Black Gold and The Royal Cinema. Today, the meeting place of Tkaronto is still the home to many Indigenous people from across Turtle Island and we are grateful to have the opportunity to work and present in this territory.

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