1988 / 98 min. /
Director: Gary Sherman
Cast: Heather O'Rourke, Tom Skerritt, Nancy Allen

Black Museum: Reflections of Evil: Gary Sherman Looks Back on POLTERGEIST 3

Join us for a special Black Museum masterclass with acclaimed horror director Gary Sherman (DEATH LINE, DEAD & BURIED) for a peak behind the veil of his underrated sequel POLTERGEIST 3. Exploring the authenticity of images through elaborate and complicated special effects involving mirrors and other reflective surfaces, Sherman offers a rare look at how he brought the phantasmagorical fun of the from the idyllic suburbs to an ultra-modern ’80s highrise. Sherman will reveal how his team pulled off these complicated practical FX, which have baffled and unsettled horror fans for three decades, and discuss other fascinating details from behind the scenes of this visually deft and unorthodox studio horror sequel.

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