1982 / 98 min. / R
Director: Mark Lester
Cast: Perry King, Timothy Van Patten, Lisa Langlois, Michael J. Fox, Roddy McDowall

CLASS OF 1984 with Lisa Langlois! 35mm Print!


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At a time when violence and shootings in schools are rampant, Class of 1984 offers us a fashionably tasteless solution – kill the students! And bad-ass teacher Perry King doesn’t need a gun to get it done in this outrageous, Toronto-shot 1982 classic.

King plays Mr. Norris, the new teacher at Lincoln High (actually Central Tech), a tough ‘inner-city’ school run by a gang of elaborately coiffed punk rockers who make “The Blackboard Jungle” look like a butterfly garden. He can’t understand why his bureaucrat principal (David Gardner) and alcoholic workmate (Roddy McDowell) allow the kids to continue their reign of terror.

When he starts pushing back, punk gang leader/gifted pianist Timothy Van Patten takes a hatin’ to him and his pregnant wife (Merrie Lynn Ross), at which point, as the tag line states, “they pushed him to the limit that has gone too far.” The movie concludes with an insanely escalating carnival of depravity in which King teaches his kids the fourth R: revenge!

Mark Lester’s direction is fast, funny, tense and brutal. The music is great: Alice Cooper theme song, Lalo Schifrin score, plus a special in-concert appearance by local punks Teenage Head! The casting balances veterans like McDowall and Al Waxman against well-cast up-and-comers – this is Van Patten’s first feature…and Michael J. Fox’s second.

And right in the middle of everything is PATSY, the sleaziest “punk” of them all, an iconic role conceived on the spot by Toronto’s Lisa Langlois when the script didn’t give her anything to do! Lisa will join us to talk about the ‘troubled’ shoot!


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