2000 / 109 min. / PG
Director: Donald Petrie
Cast: Sandra Bullock, Michael Caine, Benjamin Bratt, Candice Bergen

***SOLD OUT*** Drunk Feminist Films: MISS CONGENIALITY

This screening is now SOLD OUT!

Like all beauty pageants, this movie requires its heroine to complete a series of challenges. Can undercover FBI agent Gracie Hart get through a workday without harassment from male colleagues? Can Michael Caine transform this already-beautiful woman into a beautiful woman who chews with her mouth closed/has less pubic hair? Will Gracie learn that feminine women can, in fact, also be strong and intelligent?

Let’s raise a glass to a movie that, despite its myriad problems, we will gladly watch anytime it’s on an airplane or our parents’ cable: MISS CONGENIALITY.

Hosts: Resh Brown, Jhanelle Dennis, pHoenix Pagliacci

Doors: 7:30
Show: 8:30
Price: $16 general admission, $13 student/senior

Accessibility info:
The film will be screened with subtitles.
If you require ASL interpretation, please let us know (there is a checkbox in ticket checkout) before May 4.

The Royal has 5 accessible sections which you can reserve when completing the form to purchase tickets. One of the accessible seating areas has space for two mobility devices and a small section behind for the party to join. The other three are for single mobile devices with 2-3 seats beside them. We regret that the Royal’s washrooms are up a flight of stairs. We are working on finding a neighbouring venue with an accessible washroom that our customers can use! We will post any updates as soon as we have them.

We ask that our guests do not wear scented products to DFF screenings, and avoid making assumptions and comments about other guests’ bodies or gender identities (e.g. which washroom equipment they use).

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