1967 / 150 min. /
Director: Patrick McGoohan, George Markstein
Cast: Patrick McGoohan

Duxbury Cider Co: THE PRISONER mini-marathon

Duxbury Cider is proud to present three episodes of the mesmerizing cult classic, The Prisoner, on Saturday Feb 8th 2020 at The Royal Cinema in downtown Toronto!

-=Prizes and cider samples throughout the night=-

The Prisoner follows the plight of a captured secret agent whose captors mean to break him, physically and mentally. Known only as Number six, the agent tries to escape The Village: a dystopian, high-tech prison masked as a quaint English resort.

The Prisoner first aired on UK’s ITV in 1967, running for 17 episodes – culminating in the thrilling, controversial and enigmatic final episode, ‘Fall Out’.

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