1976 / 109 min. /
Director: Nagisa Oshima
Cast: Tatsuya Fuji, Eiko Matsuda, Aoi Nakajima

February 15, 2019
In the Realm of the Senses
**Warning: This film contains graphic violence, nudity and real acts of sexual intercourse. Adults and mature audiences ONLY**
From Nagisa Oshima, Eastern Promises dares you to see…In The Realm of the Senses. Come take stance against the total bullshit of Valentine’s Day by watching one of the most daring works of cinema.
Doors 7:30pm
Show 8:00pm
Valentine’s Day is not a real holiday. It is a completely corrosive and bullshit sentiment of capitalism at its worst. That’s because it sells an idea of love and passion that is a total lie. Here at Eastern Promises we’d like to make a stance against the putrid day by showing a movie that bravely shows the truths of passion, love, sex and obsession. But please note, this is NOT a porno. This is not a Pink Film. This is not a lie. This is a daring polemic that depicts two lovers who take a stance against common society as a whole.
“Like most of Nagisa Oshima’s movies, this is based on fact. In 1936 a young woman named Sada Abe was found wandering in the streets of Tokyo, apparently in a state of bliss, clutching a severed penis. It was discovered that her (married) lover Kichi had died in a sexual climax with her some days earlier, and that she had taken the genitals from his body as an assertion of their continuing passion for each other. As one of the first women in Japan to have her sexuality in any sense made public, Sada attracted considerable sympathy, and was finally sentenced to only six years’ imprisonment. According to Oshima, the mention of her name is still synonymous with the breaking of sexual taboos in Japan.” – Tony Rayns

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