2004 / 143 min. / G
Director: Katsuhito Ishii
Cast: Maya Banno, Takahiro Satô, Tadanobu Asano

Eastern Promises: Katsuhito Ishii’s THE TASTE OF TEA

Look. Deep in our post-holiday winter blues we need to be kind to each other, but most of all, to ourselves. So treat yourself to Katsuhito Ishii’s beautiful, fantastical, super silly, and warm-hearted family portrait, The Taste of Tea.

It’s by the guy who directed that kick ass Kill Bill anime scene!

Mom’s an animator, Dad’s a whack doctor. Son has a huge crush on the new girl in school, and daughter is haunted by her giant self, stalking her from behind. Uncle visits the family from the city and is struck by a past love. Grandpa is in a band. You may laugh real hard, you may tear up, and there may be an unexpected grin from ear to ear the whole way through.

Eastern Promises you’ll walk out the theatre with a sun-filled joy you can’t expect in a late cold January on a Sunday.

Upcoming Screenings:

Sunday, Jan 26 - 8:00pm