2019 / 94 min. /
Director: Federico Bondi
Cast: Carolina Raspanti, Antonio Piovanelli, Stefania Casini Maria

European Union Film Festival 2019: DAFNE

Dafne is a spirited thirty-year-old with Down Syndrome: she has a job she likes, friends and co-workers that care for her, she is fiercely independent but still lives with her parents, Luigi and Maria. Her mother’s sudden death shatters the family equilibrium. Thanks to her job and her lifelong friends, Dafne faces her grief with the thoughtlessness of a child and the courage of a young woman. She attempts to shake her father up, albeit in vain. Until one day, something unexpected happens: they decide to head out for a hike in the mountains to the town where Maria was born. Along the hike, they will discover many things about each other, and they will each learn to exceed their own limits.

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