2001 / 111 min. /
Director: Terry Zwigoff
Cast: Thora Birch, Scarlett Johansson, Steve Buscemi


“There are cynical teen girls, and then there is Enid, so totally over it that she’s already clocked over a million eye rolls in her short life span. Her long standing friendship with Rebecca involves tearing a path of fun-making through all varieties of humans, their spirits mean and soaring. When her blind date prank goes to new cruel territory, Enid follows her pity to friendship with the sucker, Seymour. Turns out all the dorky things he is into and his general malevolence are just where she wants to be. Funny and heartfelt, GHOST WORLD became a classic almost immediately, with characters we adore, and moments easy to relate to. After all, haven’t we all found ourselves in a club with a band like Blueshammer?” (Alamo Drafthouse)

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