1984 / 126 min. / PG
Director: John G. Avildsen


It’s back to school, and what better way to celebrate than with the VERY FIRST screening in the I Can Do That: Extracurriculars on Screen series? Presenting the original Karate Kid!Daniel LaRusso is the new kid in town, but when he starts his new school, he immediately gets on the wrong side of some bullies. Even worse, the bullies know karate, and they use it to make Daniel’s life difficult. Soon they’re locked in a competition to become the All Valley Karate Champion. There’s just one problem: Daniel doesn’t know karate!

Daniel has no choice but to turn to his apartment superintendent, Mr. Miyagi, for help. But is Mr. Miyagi really teaching karate, or is he just getting Daniel to do his household chores? Sometimes things aren’t what they seem… Wax on, wax off!Join us before the screening for some fun and games in the lobby. We’re partnering with De Zilva Martial Arts to let you know what it really takes to study karate, and to provide some awesome karate themed prizes!

Witness karate and and nunchaku demonstrations, learn some moves from the film, and try your hand at breaking a wooden board. Don’t forget to enter to win the grand prize – a 3 month free membership at De Zilva Martial Arts!

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