1958 / 106 min. / PG
Director: Richard Quine
Cast: Kim Novak, James Stewart, Jack Lemmon, Elsa Lanchester, Hermione Granger

Ladies of Burlesque: BELL, BOOK AND CANDLE

“…sleek and pictorially entrancing as any romance… From the atelier of the heroine, who is a dealer in primitive art, to a smoky night club in Greenwich Village, where the local sorceresses and their apprentices play, it is vividly visual and suggestive.” – Bosley Crowther, NYT 1958

A post-Halloween, pre-Xmas celebration of witches, Siamese cats, and an ever-befuddled Jimmy Stewart brought to you by Ladies of Burlesque! Released on Christmas Day the same year as VERTIGO, the Technicolor-infused BELL, BOOK AND CANDLE capitalized on Hitchcock’s unique paring of the ethereal, yet bodacious Kim Novak and the wispy, yet somehow romantic Jimmy Stewart. Set in the heart of mid-century Greenwich Village, the film is a singular Xmas title – one where Christmas trees and snowfall intermingle with love spells, romantic despair, and one very enterprising cat named Pyewacket. Novak plays Gillian Holroyd, a rare African art dealer, and certified witch. After encountering her college rival, she gets even by casting a love spell on her fiancé Shep Henderson (Stewart). Shep falls out of love with his fiancé and turns his affections to the witchy Gillian. But while Gillian’s villainous deed had revenge at heart, she gradually falls for Shep, endangering her bewitching powers. With supporting roles from Jack Lemmon as Gillian’s bongo-playing beatnik warlock brother and Elsa Lanchester (The Bride of Frankenstein) as Queenie—their sorceress aunt—BELL, BOOK and CANDLE is a delightful, Gothic-romp that doubles as an alternative classic Xmas film (plus there are some really great cats on display)!

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Featuring a burlesque performance by Tanya Cheex

Presented in 4K courtesy of Sony

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