1976 / 93 min. / G
Director: Alan Parker
Cast: Jodie Foster, Scott Baio, John Cassisi

Ladies of Burlesque: BUGSY MALONE – 4K Restoration!

A kid’s fantasy: You get to dress up as gangster, you get to shoot guns that fire whipped cream, you get to drive cars with pedals that look like real cars, and you get to talk like a grown-up. I mean, you couldn’t ask for a better first big gig.” – Scott Baio

Over 1000 custard pies were thrown in the making of BUGSY MALONE, the transgressive, yet G-rated, musical gangster comedy mashup – a film with a cast comprised entirely of adolescents. In director Alan Parker’s prohibition-era gangland, toy tommy guns fire whipped cream, speakeasys serve Shirley Temples, and mini-getaway cars are pedalled by foot. Featuring a standout BAFTA-nominated performance from Jody Foster (fresh off TAXI DRIVER) and the debut of Scott Baio, BUGSY MALONE is a whimsical, surreal, historical fantasy—a film like no other before it or since. And with music by Paul Williams of PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE and “Rainbow Connection” fame, BUGSY MALONE will have you whistling the tunes of mob bosses, boxers, and chanteuses.

Based on the rivalry between notorious gangsters Al Capone and Bugs Moran, BUGSY MALONE is somehow both gritty and affectionate, barbaric and cutesy, always clever and flaunting its love of classic gangster films. Casting took over a year, with Parker walking into a Brooklyn elementary school and asking for the naughtiest kid—resulting in John Cassisi in the role of villainess. You can’t miss BUGSY MALONE – it’s “boisterous and good-natured, with catchy songs, and always sublimely unaware of its own strangeness” (Peter Bradshaw, Guardian).

Custard pies courtesy Wanda’s Pie in the Sky served at concessions (not be to thrown in cinema)!

4K digitally restored presentation courtesy Paramount. Featuring a burlesque performance by Knox Harter

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