1966 / 76 min. / NR
Director: Věra Chytilová
Cast: Jitka Cerhová; Ivana Karbanová

Ladies of Burlesque: DAISIES – 35mm!

“A madcap, Dadaist explosion of a movie that represents the Czech New Wave at its most formally radical and kookily captivating” (Michael Koresky), DAISIES is widely considered one of the great masterworks of feminist cinema. Anarchic, absurdist, and adventurous, nothing is sacred under the guise of the pioneering Věra Chytilová, one of the prime instigators of the Czech New Wave, which came to a head with this film in 1966. Released two years before the Prague Spring, which would bring an end to artistic freedom in Czechoslovakia, DAISIES is a comedic battle cry—one that proved controversial, as the film was banned by the government for “depicting the wanton,” and its director was barred from making films for nearly a decade.

Flower girl teens Marie I (Jitka Cerhová) and Marie II (Ivana Karbanová) embark on series of pranks after declaring the world “spoiled.” In terms of plot, that’s pretty much where it ends, as the Maries collide with everything around them. The film is tied together with scenes of epic food fights (like, seriously, the best food fight ever filmed), wherein the ladies crush phallic fruits, pastries, and other delicacies in a cinematic orgy of wasted calories. Made at a time of food rationing, these scenes are what the government claimed to be “wanton”— Chytilová’s flagrant skewering of the patriarchy probably didn’t help, yet it was the film’s depiction of food waste that led to its banning. How ironic. Screening as part of Ladies of Burlesque’s summer tribute to rebellious women directors.

Presented in 35mm courtesy of Janus Films.

Featuring a burlesque performance Dolly Monroe and Laura Palmer.

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