1981 / 91 min. / NR
Director: Yuen Woo-Ping
Cast: Yuen Biao, Leung Ka-Yan, Yuen Shun-Yee

Laser Blast Film Society: DREADNAUGHT

“Bravo! This production from Yuen Woo Ping may well be thus far his best film and greatest masterpiece.” –  Hong Kong From the Brookly Bridge”

“Dreadnought may be in my top martial arts flicks” – The Action Elite

“Dreadnaught – it’s everything a summer movie should be.” – Screenslate

A psychotic martial-arts criminal named “White Tiger” (Yuen Shun-Yee) spirals into a murderous rage every time he hears the sound of jingling bells – which is a problem for wimpy laundryman named “Mousy”(Yuen Biao) who wears those bells around his neck! Will Mousy be able to learn the skills to defend himself from legendary hero Wong Fei-Hung (Kwan Tak-Hing ) before he gets his head ripped off by a screaming (but very skilled) madman?

One of the unheralded gems of old school martial arts cinema, DREADNAUGHT has an amazing pedigree: It’s directed by Yuen Woo-Ping (Choreographer of THE MATRIX and KILL BILL), stars one the best action actors to ever grace the screen (Yuen Biao) and is packed to the brim with jaw-dropping fight scenes that will make an audience’s head spin.

SEE The Demon Tailor’s deadly skills!

WITNESS the duelling Lion Dancers!

FEAR the Crazy Killer Sleeves!

DREADNAUGHT is a film that needs to be experienced on the big screen with an audience! Don’t miss your chance!

Upcoming Screenings:

Wednesday, Aug 28 - 8:00pm