1991 / 90 min. / R
Director: Barry Shils
Cast: Jordan Christopher Michael, Martha Quinn, Michael Naegel

Laser Blast Film Society: MOTORAMA on 35mm!


FILM: 8:00 PM

A mysterious young boy with nothing to lose (Jordan Christopher Michael) steals a mustang and hits the desert road. His sights are set on winning an impossible game: Collect all the letters to spell out the word MOTORAMA from local gas stations and win the grand prize of 500 MILLION DOLLARS! Sounds easy, right? Well, it might cost him a car, an eye and his immortal soul to beat it.

From Joseph Minion, the writer of Martin Scorsese’s AFTER HOURS and the Nic Cage tour de force VAMPIRE’S KISS, comes this surreal road movie odyssey that’s packed to the brim with Lynchian-like visuals and fantastic character actors like Jack Vance, Dick Miller, Susan Tyrrell, Mary Woronov and Meatloaf.

This event was made possible by the Ontario Arts Council for their generous support.

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