1994 / 90 min. / R
Director: BJ Davis
Cast: Kely McClung, Alex Meneses, Karl Johnson

Laser Blast Film Society: STICKFIGHTER (1994)

“Without a doubt, the best stickfighter-centric action flick of the mid-90’s.” – Curtis, Letterboxd.

Guns? For wimps. Swords? For cowards. Fists? For the weak.

Sticks? Now that’s badass.

John Lambert (Kely McClung) as a rogue cop on a mission may look like a weirdo waving around a broken broom, but that’s just because your mind can’t comprehend the precision art of stick fighting. The secret is to absorb that sticks… are everywhere.

Pool cue? Stick.Branch? Stick.Car antenna? Sure, it can be a stick too!

They’re each more deadly than the last.

The Laser Blast Film Society is proud to present the video-era gem STICKFIGHTER on the big screen because this kind of movie demands the biggest possible crowd.

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