1994 / 82 min. /
Director: Stewart Raffill
Cast: Paul Walker, Denise Richards, Terry Kiser

Laser Blast Film Society: TAMMY AND THE T-REX (THE GORE CUT)

“TAMMY AND THE T-REX is the kind of movie you sit and watch scratching your head as to how it even exists while at the same time thanking the Movie Gods that it does.” – Bloody Disgusting

The Laser Blast Film Society is delighted to celebrate Stewart Raffill – the visionary mind responsible for THE ICE PIRATES, MANNEQUIN 2 and MAC & ME – with a 25th anniversary screening of a newly restored version of perhaps his most delirious extravaganza!

Starring the heavenly combo of Denise Richards (STARSHIP TROOPERS; WILD THINGS) and the late Paul Walker (THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS franchise), TAMMY AND THE T-REX is an unprecedented mishmash of rom-com tropes and outrageous R-rated horror thrills. When Paul is mauled by the local zoo’s toothier residents, his love affair with Denise doesn’t cease — even after his brain is transplanted into an ancient animatronic predator. Oh, and did we mention Terry Kiser (“Bernie” from WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S) is the villain?

Originally filmed as a crimson-soaked gorefest (with impressive splatter by recently deceased SFX guru John Carl Buechler), TAMMY’s only minimal release back in the day was cut to PG-13, funneled straight-to-video, and inexplicably marketed as a “kids’ film.” Now, thanks to the intrepid efforts of top-notch archival pals Vinegar Syndrome, this gonzo gem is sure to tickle both casual observers and longtime fans of dino-carnage. (BRET BERG)

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