1989 / 83 min. /
Director: Andrew Jordan
Cast: Barry J. Gillis, Amber Lynn, Bruce Roach, Doug Buston

Laser Blast Film Society: THINGS


“Some films may be bad, or possibly so bad they’re good, but Things is in a class all by itself, accidentally stumbling blindly beyond the realm of B-horror and into a highly ambiguous realm of cinema art…” Paul Corupe, Canuxsploitation.com

Conjured from the minds of Halifax filmmakers Andrew Jordan and Barry J. Gillis comes the most delirious motion picture to ever be released as a consumer product. So deranged are its contents that since its inauspicious release on home video in 1989 it has steadily garnered a reputation from incredulous souls who have endured it as the very nadir of the medium that is cinema. We, at the Laser Blast Film Society, reject that assessment as a glib simplification of a more complex truth.

Despite the film’s complete disregard for any and all filmmaking conventions as it endeavours to tell the story of a trio of hosers battling ant-like monsters in a cabin in the woods, it remarkably transcends to a state of aesthetic dementia so singular and striking it achieves a kind of ineffable sublime. Every bit of poorly dubbed dialogue is soaked in a memorable dissonance that will permeate your subconscious until your dying day; every composition and editorial decision baffles to maddening degrees. To look upon THINGS, to encounter its characters and experience its semblance of a narrative is to induce in oneself a sensation of such hysterical laughter it can only be compared to fictional accounts of those who have starred into inky domain of an elder god.

On July 25th, come and behold THINGS.

Upcoming Screenings:

Thursday, Jul 25 - 8:00pm