1984 / 101 min. / PG
Director: Richard Franklin
Cast: Henry Thomas, Dabney Coleman, Michael Murphy, Christina Nigra

Mega Fun Movie Explosion!: CLOAK & DAGGER

What’s a better time than a mega fun movie explosion? NOTTTTHHHHINNNNNG!

Mega Fun Movie Explosion is a new bi-weekly family series at The Royal Cinema that will screen everything from 90s comedy classics to lovable animated underdogs. If you watched it a thousand times as a kid, we’re probably going to play it.

Every screening includes pre-show activities, games, and cartoons, so make sure to get there early.



Davey Osborne (A fresh off E.T. Henry Thomas) is a lonely 11-year-old kid that just wants to play his spy-based roleplaying game CLOAK & DAGGER with his imaginary superspy best friend Jack Flack (Dabney Coleman). But when Davey accidentally stumbles on a video game cartridge filled with top-secret government intel, the REAL spies come after him, and he’s forced to go on the run with only Flack as his guide. Can a kid and a fake superspy somehow face up against the world’s greatest masters of espionage and make it out alive?

An underseen 80’s cinematic gem, CLOAK & DAGGER plays like the best family thriller Hitchcock never made. Director Richard Franklin and screenwriter Todd Holland (FRIGHT NIGHT), craft a perfectly calibrated adventure that is always conscious that the story is from the point of view of kids, yet never talk down to them, and gives everything a real beating heart. CLOAK & DAGGER is one of our favorite family films and we hope it can become yours as well.

Make sure to arrive early, because there will be pre-show games and activities in the lobby, including a video game display!

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