1984 / 102 min. /
Director: Wolfgang Petersen
Cast: Noah Hathaway, Barret Oliver, Tami Stronach

Mega Fun Movie Explosion: THE NEVERENDING STORY

“Directed by Wolfgang Petersen, THE NEVERENDING STORY is a 1984 family-friendly film about a young boy who discovers a book featuring a fantastic world full of heroes, monsters and a great evil that threatens to swallow everything. As the boy hides from bullies, his emotionally-distant father and the world at large, he becomes more and more engulfed in the book he is reading – never suspecting that his role in the saga of Fantasia isn’t strictly limited to reader.

The kingdom of Fantasia is about to be wiped out, and the enemy isn’t an evil wizard or a thermonuclear device, it’s Nothingness. That’s right, an inexorable wave of Nothingness is sweeping over the kingdom, destroying everything in its path.

The only thing standing between Fantasia and Nothingness is the faith of a small boy named Bastian (Barret Oliver). He discovers the kingdom in a magical bookstore, and as he begins to read the adventure between the covers, it becomes so real that the people in the story know about Bastian.

Meanwhile, within the world of Fantasia, a young hero (Noah Hathaway) is assigned to complete a hazardous quest, sneak past the dreaded portals of some stone amazons, and reach the Ivory Tower, where he will receive further instructions from the empress. In most movies, this quest would be told in a straightforward way, without the surrounding story about the other little boy who is reading the book.

But THE NEVERENDING STORY is about the unfolding of a story, and so the framing device of the kid hidden in his school attic, breathlessly turning the pages, is interesting. It lets kids know that the story isn’t just somehow happening, that storytelling is a neverending act of the imagination.” – Roger Ebert

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