1993 / 93 min. / R
Director: Gail Harvey
Cast: Shannon Tweed, Ben Cross, Adam Baldwin, Dave Thomas

Neon Dreams Cinema Club: COLD SWEAT on 35mm!

Neon Dreams is teaming up with our friends at Retrontario to take you back to a simpler time of late-night cable TV programming. For this very special one-off event we’ll be resurrecting the “Drambuie Revue” with a rare 35mm screening of Shannon Tweed in COLD SWEAT, featuring by an in-person conversation with director Gail Harvey and producer Ilana Frank to discuss the glory days of early-90s erotic CanCon cinema.

Shot on location here in Toronto, COLD SWEAT tells the story of a wealthy and in-power woman (played by silver-screen goddess Shannon Tweed), plotting the murder of her deadbeat husband (SCTV’s Dave Thomas in a performance that has to be seen to be believed), while she has torrid affairs with her husband’s business partner (Toronto icon Henry Czerny) and a roller-blading drug dealer (Firefly’s Adam Baldwin). Things get messy when the hitman (Ben Cross) she hires becomes haunted by the (literal) ghost of a woman he accidentally killed while on his last job. And if your next question is “yes but does he have sex with the ghost?”…. well you’ll just have to find out for yourself.

You’re not going to find many reviews online for this cult classic waiting to happen so you’ll just have to take our word for it. COLD SWEAT marries the trashy softcore style sorely missing from our modern TV sets, with elements of classic noir, psychological horror, and femme power. Simply put, COLD SWEAT is infinitely better than it has any right to be and we cannot wait to expose you all to it’s outlandish beauty.


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