1985 / 90 min. / R
Director: Mark Lester
Cast: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rae Dawn Chong, Dan Hedaya, Vernon Wells, Bill Duke, Alyssa Milano

Neon Dreams Cinema Club: COMMANDO (4K Restoration)

Neon Dreams launches into a very rambunctious summer season with the true epitome of ‘80s action cinema. To call Mark Lester’s COMMANDO excessive would be a gross understatement. This is a film where Arnold Schwarzenegger jumps out of a plane mid-takeoff. A film where Rae Dawn Chong facilitates a prison break with a rocket launcher. A film where “I eat Green Berets for breakfast. And right now, I’m very hungry!” is an actual line that Arnold Schwarzenegger says with a straight face!

Get ready to have the best time you could ever ask to have in a movie theatre with a gorgeous 4K restoration of one of the most uproarious action films ever put to celluloid. On May 24, we are going on a rescue mission to save Colonel John Matrix’s daughter (Alyssa Milano) from the hands of the disgruntled Australian missionary “Bennett” (Vernon Wells). To pull this off, we’ll need the help of certified badass Rae Dawn Chong and an artillery of enough weapons to destroy an entire villa. Just whatever you do, “Don’t disturb my friend. He’s dead tired.”

This screening and others are made possible thanks to our wonderful sponsor Hollywood Suite. As always this will be a fully licensed event featuring a fabulous on-screen pre-show. Be sure to arrive early!

Upcoming Screenings:

Friday, May 24 - 8:00pm