1989 / 88 min. / R
Director: Michael Fischa
Cast: William Bumiller, Ken Foree, Karyn Parsons, Rosalind Cash

Neon Dreams Cinema Club: DEATH SPA

Looking for another excuse not to go to the gym? Neon Dreams has you covered with a hallucinatory, neon-drenched, fever dream of late-80s grindhouse horror. Hard bodies, short shorts, haunted tanning beds, vengeful weight machines, and possessed juicers are just a just a few of the sights that await you at the DEATH SPA, a film (not so coincidentally) made at the height of the L.A. health club craze.

Michael Evans is the manager of the Starbody Health Spa, an elite club catering to the most bodacious and beautiful people in Hollywood. When Michael’s recently deceased wife begins appearing in ghostly visions, club members start turning up dead due to grisly workout-equipment related accidents. With the help of Ken Foree (Dawn Of The Dead) and Karyn Parsons (who, legend has it, impressed Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air producers so much with her debut performance she was immediately cast as Hilary in the long-running TV sitcom), Michael must solve the mystery of the baffling murders before all hell breaks loose at the clubs annual (and very questionable) Mardi Gras-themed party.

This October, come sweat blood with a shockingly well-crafted piece of indescribable sleaze that Paul Scheer (How Did This Get Made podcast) describes as “the most insane movie I’ve ever seen”.

This screening and others are made possible thanks to our wonderful sponsor Hollywood Suite. As always this will be a fully licensed event featuring a fabulous on-screen pre-show. Be sure to arrive early!

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