1978 / 91 min. / R
Director: Larry Cohen
Cast: John P. Ryan, John Marley


“For more than 30 years, Mr. Cohen has mined a career out of one simple question — what’s the worst that could happen? — which he answers with the stinging, compelling heat of the exploitation thriller.” — Elvis Mitchell, The New York Times

This month, No Future celebrates Larry Cohen, the late and great American master of pulp, b-movies, and exploitation thrillers, with IT LIVES AGAIN (1978). Like all the best sequels, Cohen’s criminally underrated follow-up to 1974’s IT’S ALIVE stands on its own while raising the stakes for fans of the original. The film trades one killer monster baby for three, picking up with the first film’s beleaguered patriarch Frank Davis (John P. Ryan) as he runs an underground resistance network of parents whose mutant children are under siege by a shady government organization led by John Cassavetes favourite John Marley.

Though IT LIVES AGAIN maintains its predecessor’s delicate balance between monster movie and family melodrama, it’s also a pulse-pounding conspiracy thriller that, in true Cohen fashion, has a lot on its mind — from climate change to reproductive rights to the ethics of prenatal testing.

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