1953 / 90 min. /
Director: Roy Rowland
Cast: Peter Lind Hayes, Mary Healy, Hans Conried

No Future: THE 5000 FINGERS OF DR. T

“Billed as “the wonder musical of the future!”, the children’s fantasy was maybe intended to follow in the footsteps of The Wizard of Oz, but in Technicolor surreality propelled into some other dimension. The torrent by which I was able to view the film, after all, beheld these download instructions: 1. eat lots of acid, 2. fire up in your favourite media player, 3. enjoy! Theodore Geisel’s grand dream may have warped before his very eyes into a Hollywood nightmare that soured his foray into the cinéworld forever, but always, louder than bombs is the soundless switching of our lens to take a look at things…in a new light that illuminates its meaning” — MUBI

Long before Mike Myers soiled a generation’s fond childhood memories of THE CAT IN THE HAT, Theodor Geisel — better known as Dr. Seuss — took one fateful stab at writing and designing his own cinematic wonderland, the surreal and unapologetically gnarly THE 5000 FINGERS OF DR. T (1953).

The ultimate film maudit for children, the film is a hugely imaginative, shockingly grim technicolor musical about a slacker boy who dreams his flamboyant piano teacher (Hans Conried, who voiced Hook in PETER PAN) oversees a dungeon of 500 imprisoned pupils, hammering away on a comically grand piano.

Though it was a famously troubled production and a financial bomb, the film’s anti-fascist leanings, gorgeous set design, and feel-bad musical numbers have made it an audience favourite in recent years, for morbid kids and adults alike.

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