1954 / 79 min. / PG
Director: Jack Arnold
Cast: Richard Carlson, Julie Adams, Richard Denning


End your summer off right with some #MonsterLove

Queer Fear Presents: Creature From The Black Lagoon

Tuesday, August 28th

Pre-Show: 7:30PM

Movie: 8:00PM

$12 Advance / $14 Door

Join Queer Fear as we dive into an evening full of horror, drag performances and, of course, camp for the greatest ‘Creature Feature’ of all time!

Released in 1954 in the midst of constant attacks on outsiders and social injustice towards the minority, ‘Creature From The Black Lagoon’ dared to portray the ‘monster’ with a sympathetic lens, not seen since the early days of Hollywood horror with James Whale’s ‘Frankenstein’. Considered the last of the great Universal Monsters and a classic in horror, the Creature has become an iconic representation of ‘The Other’.

The film follows a group of American scientists seeking fossils, fame and fortune as they descend on the home of the Gill-Man, a creature living an otherwise peaceful existence in solitude along the Amazon River. Fascinated by its first view of woman but threatened by the men surrounding her, this majestic creature isn’t taking the intrusion lying down.

Thrust back into the spotlight thanks to the release of “Shape of Water”, “Creature From The Black Lagoon” lives on as the greatest Creature Feature of all time for a new generation of viewers, bringing along with it a new dialogue, understanding and appreciation.

Take a dip with Queer Fear as we uncover the queerness, social commentary and timeless entertainment that is CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON

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