1986 / 90 min. / PG
Director: David Byrne
Cast: David Byrne, John Goodman, Spalding Gray, Swoosie Kurtz

Retropath! + Neon Dreams Cinema Club: TRUE STORIES on 35mm!

Retropath!, Neon Dreams, and David Byrne invite you to hop in to our Chrysler LeBaron (top down of course) and hit the road for a surreal and fantastical journey into the heart of small town, USA. Written, directed by, and starring Byrne himself, the Talking Heads frontman describes TRUE STORIES as “a project with songs based on true stories from tabloid newspapers. It’s like 60 Minutes on acid.”


As an outsider looking in, Byrne has always been obsessed with the mundanities of small town American life. Taking cues from Errol Morris’s exploration on oddball American culture in Vernon, Florida, his film delves into the inner lives and outer quirks of residents from the fictional town of Virgil, TX. An unlucky-in-love country-western-singing clean room technician (John Goodman), a civic leader (Spalding Gary) who hasn’t spoken to his wife in decades, and a woman (Swoosie Kurtz) who, for no good reason, hasn’t gotten out of bed in years are all brought together by “The Narrator” David Byrne for the town’s celebration of “150 Years of Specialness”.


Bursting with outrageous musical numbers, delicate and heartfelt performances across the board, and stunning, postcard-esque cinematography by Edward Lachman (Less Than Zero, Far From Heaven), TRUE STORIES is an absolute trip in more ways than one that is guaranteed to boost your outlook on life and send you home smiling from ear to ear.


This screening and others are made possible thanks to our wonderful sponsor Hollywood Suite. As always this will be a fully licensed event featuring a fabulous on-screen pre-show. Be sure to arrive early!

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