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Royal Stompbox: BALBOA Plays the Music of ROCKY

For many of us, the Rocky movies were much more than just simple boxing movies – they were epic tales about the triumph of the human spirit; they were examples of how many punches we can take, and never back down; and they had incredible music.

The Rocky soundtracks were filled with unforgettable hits that could both ready us for battle and bring us to tears. Everyone remembers Eye of the Tiger and Gonna Fly Now, the Rocky theme song, but who could forget when Rocky is speeding along, brooding in his Lamborghini while Robert Tepper’s No Easy Way Out screams from the speakers; or when Rocky is training in Russia, chopping wood and pulling people on sleds to the tune of John Cafferty’s Hearts On Fire? And, of course, we all remember jumping from our chairs while hearing Bill Conti’s Going The Distance when Rocky is still standing at the end of 15 gruelling rounds with Apollo Creed.

At a combined weight of 1,433 lbs., Balboa is a 7-man team of rock and roll warriors. With unfaltering determination, they play your favourite songs from the Rocky soundtracks. Songs included in the audio/visual spectacle will be “Eye of the Tiger”, “Living in America”, “No Easy Way Out”, “Burning Heart”, “Gonna Fly Now” and many other pumped-up classics.

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