/ 86 min. / NR
Director: Jonathan Sutak

Royal Stompbox: DONS OF DISCO – Canadian Premiere!

A lip-syncing scandal pits an American singer against an Italian male model over the legacy of 1980s ‘Italo Disco’ star Den Harrow.


Royal Stompbox presents: DONS OF DISCO

In the 1980s, Den Harrow (pronounced “denaro”, as in “money”) dominated the European pop charts with hits like “Future Brain,” “Bad Boy,” and “Don’t Break My Heart.” Thirty years later, American photographer Thomas Barbey (aka Tom Hooker, star of Italo Disco boogie film “Jocks”!) makes a startling revelation: he was “the secret voice” behind the project, and Italian Stefano Zandri has allegedly been lip-syncing for decades.

In this funny Faustian drama, Dons of Disco, a 30-year-old secret, between two middle-aged men, will ignite the most conceptual music rivalry of all time. Who is the “true” artist behind Den Harrow: the face or the voice?

“Could Dons of Disco be the next Searching for Sugarman?” – Deadline

“An Italo Disco inferno… Irony, synth-and-fog 80’s culture, and ultimately, a glimpse of the human condition.” – Ain’t It Cool

“A perfectly crafted fairy tale in which medieval princesses have been replaced with aging men fighting on Facebook about the legacy of their intertwined Bettino Craxi-era lives. It’s beautifully shot and scored, with clever visual gags, psychological precision, and shifting, unstable sympathies. It’s atmospheric and ambitious, astute to the obligations that attend success, the inherent tragedy of fandom, and the psychic cost of self-awareness. It’s sad and philosophical but also really, really, really funny.” – GQ

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