1987 / 100 min. /
Director: Andy Sidaris
Cast: Ronn Moss, Dona Speir, Hope Marie Carlton


Royal Stompbox presents:

HARD TICKET TO HAWAII – new 4K restoration of the 80s action magnum opus, courtesy of AGFA!

Skype Q&A with producer Arlene Sidaris!!
Co-presented by the Laser Blast Film Society!

A wise man said that if you see only two movies in your lifetime, it should be because you watched Hard Ticket to Hawaii *twice*.

A tough-as-nails squad of super babes and super studs (led by Playboy icon Dona Speir and “Bold and the Beautiful” soap legend Ronn Moss who is also the bassist for the band Player of “Baby Come Back” fame!) are forced to defend Molokai Island from diamond smugglers, narcotics slingers and a skateboarding maniac with an inflatable sex doll. Add to that a fantastic theme song and the most outrageous bazooka scene in history, Hard Ticket to Hawaii is one of the all-time audience ragers.

If you know this film for only one reason, it’s the notorious and highly YouTubable “frisbee scene”, where a machine gun toting lackey named “Shades” can’t resist a friendly Frisbee competition, but gets a little cocky showing off his moves, resulting in a knife-laced frisbee to the neck!

With an abundance of Bullets! Bikinis!! Bazookas!!! Radioactive pythons exploding out of toilets!!!! What ultimately makes this film timeless is the great interplay between leading ladies Donna (Dona Speir) and Taryn (Hope Marie Carlton), pilots for Molokai Cargo who fly tourist couples to isolated Hawaiian hot spots but are also secret operatives for a shadowy “Agency” fighting ne’er do wells. Though the camera certainly doesn’t shy away from their bikini bods, Donna and Taryn are tough, resourceful and way more charming, funny and endearing then you’d expect, giving this wild ride of sun-bleached, gun-blazing lunacy some genuine heart and charisma. This ruling duo would later to return, along with much of the cast & crew, in a series of fun Sidaris-directed Hawaii-shot actioners, usually recycling the same core cast but wisely always keeping Dona Speir and her Molokai co-pilots at the centre of the action.

No film captures the playful chaos of action cinema’s Golden Age like director Andy and producer Arlene Sidaris’ undisputed masterpiece. And we are delighted to have Arlene Sidaris, producer of husband Andy’s films, speaking to us via Skype, to tell us stories of how these wild films were made!

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