1994 / 95 min. /
Director: John Carpenter
Cast: Sam Neill, Jürgen Prochnow, Julie Carmen

Rue Morgue CineMacabre: IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS

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“IN THE MOUTH OF MADNESS is a Moebius-strip of a film, a circular narrative of post modern dismantling tools filtered through a fever dream fantasy/parody of Stephen King (with some HP Lovecraft thrown in for good measure). In this universe his name is Sutter Kane. What in the hands of a lesser filmmaker would be an empty exercise in lit crit, is one of a John Carpenter’s best films. A genuinely terrifying, reality-melting ride through a shape shifting house of horrors, a brain bending horror anthology put in a blender. About the only point of comparison I can think of is CABIN IN THE WOODS, but that movie’s got nothing on this one.

As the movie progresses the horror tropes snowball, Kane becomes a God, and Trent’s (Sam Neill) mind disintegrates along with reality around, until the film completely unravels in the glorious finale, curving back in on itself.” (Will Greiner)

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