1988 / 103 min. / R
Director: Sandor Stern
Cast: David Hewlett, Cynthia Preston, Terry O'Quinn

Rue Morgue CineMacabre: PIN: A PLASTIC NIGHTMARE

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“Here is another bizarro Canadian exploitation film for you. This one is truly morbid and arrives just in time for Halloween viewing with loved ones you’re not trying to impress. Leave the supernatural ghouls, goblins and body count slashers aside for a min and dive face first into this incredibly creepy, totally wrong, and unexpectedly well-acted buried gem.

Beneath its made-for-TV “Goosebumpsian” façade, Pin: A Plastic Nightmare is a deeply dysfunctional familial psychological thriller with an absurdly strange central obsession – a skinless, plastic medical dummy that is the catalyst to truly bizarre power-games of incest, repression and murderous schizoid behavior. An overly strict doctor/ventriloquist father mimes the voice of Pin for his patients. His preppy children are awestruck by the magic. However, the spell is broken when the son, Leon, witnesses a lonely nurse sexually violate Pin after hours which results in his brain splitting in two.

A decade later, following their parent’s unexpected fatal auto accident, the magical delusion of Pin lingers on for Leon and the dummy “moves in” their unsupervised house. Brace yourself.” (Alamo Drafhouse)

Upcoming Screenings:

Tuesday, Dec 18 - 8:00pm