1981 / 104 min. /
Director: Roy Ward Baker
Cast: Vincent Price, John Carradine, Anthony Steel


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Presented by TIFF’s Robyn Citizen:

“I discovered The Monster Club (1981) on late night cable several years ago and it was a revelation of gloriously fun excess and A-list genre actors. The Monster Club is an anthology film based on the short stories of R. Chetwynd Hayes and a late era project of The King of Grand Guignol, Vincent Price and character actor extraordinaire John Carradine who lend their iconic status to the film. Journeyman director Ray Ward Baker, known for his work with horror production company Amicus, has to keep a whole lotta balls in the air: several surprisingly good rock musical interludes; three distinct narratives; Hayes’ truly byzantine monster geneaology (bet you’ve never heard of a Shadmock or vamgoo!) and acting heavyweights Donald Pleasance, Britt Eklund, and Patrick Magee among others.  It’s an overlooked must-see, a throw everything against the wall and see what sticks anthology revival for fans of the 60s-style British anthology horror productions, obscure early 80s rock (including proto-Weird Al parody singer B.A. Robertson), and did I mention Vincent Price?”


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