1996 / 104 min. /
Director: Deepa Mehta
Cast: Shabana Azmi, Nandita Das

Sanghum: FIRE

Co-presented with Reel Asian Film Festival and co-sponsored by Inside Out & Pleasure Dome,
Sanghum Film Series presents: FIRE

Written and directed by Deepa Mehta, FIRE was released in India two years after its premiere at TIFF in 1998. The first film in mainstream Bollywood to explicitly show a lesbian love relationship, it triggered massive protests and violent riots by far-right Hindu nationalists who claimed the film was, “immoral and pornographic” and feared it would “spoil Indian women.”

Defending her film, Deepa Mehta declared, “FIRE is a film about loneliness. It is a film about the hypocrisy of our society today. It is a film about how women don’t have choices in a patriarchal set-up.”

Shabana Azmi, one of India’s most versatile actresses and a young Nandita Das in her first feature role, play Radha and Sita, two sister-in-laws who fall in love while living together in a joint household. Mehta provides a provocative alternative to the traditional Hindu understanding of the Radha-Sita narrative, unravelling the ingrained patriarchy that has perpetuated unrealistic portrayals of female duty and desire.

Fire is a story of love and about the freedom to choose, come join us for the second feature in our six part series focusing on portrayals of women in Hindi Cinema!

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