1984 / 115 min. /
Director: John Carpenter
Cast: Jeff Bridges, Karen Allen, Charles Martin Smith


“One may not immediately think “romance” when hearing the name John Carpenter, yet in between CHRISTINE and BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA the now veteran director, still licking his wounds from the box-office failure of THE THING, delivered one of the great interspecies love stories (up there with HOWARD TH DUCK, THE BEAST, and BEE MOVIE). Not to be confused with David Bowie’s androgynous starman, Jeff Bridges goes full birdman in his twitchy, deliberately stilted (and Oscar nominated) performance as a visitor from another world. Taking on the corporal form of Karen Allen’s character’s deceased husband, he kidnaps her and the two go on a road trip that gives plenty of opportunities for sci-fi magic, romance, and action. Carpenter loves the classics, and despite all of the sci-fi flourishes, this is a classic lovers on the run movie that has not been given a fair place in Carpenter’s canon. You too will fall in love with a spaceman!” (Alamo Drafthouse)

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