1985 / 94 min. /
Director: Lewis Teague
Cast: Drew Barrymore, James Woods, Alan King

Stephen King’s CAT’S EYE

“STEPHEN KING’S CAT’S EYE, an anthology film written by King, takes audiences on a tour through terror, as hosted by the cuttest little puddytat you’ve ever seen. As a stray cat journeys through America in search of the child who haunts its dreams, it runs across two desperate men put in dangerous situations by their vices before encountering one of the greatest monsters the ’80s ever gifted upon horror fans – a toy-sized troll that lives in the wall and steals the breath of children.

Smart, low-key and full of suspense and humor, STEPHEN KING’S CAT’S EYE is one of the few Stephen King movies that really works. You’ll get crazed James Woods, goofy Drew Barrymore and ’80s cartoon voice actor Frank Welker having a field day as the the voice of the troll (its costume built by legendary SFX artist Carlo Rambaldi). Over the course of three stories, Stephen King and director Lewis Teague (CUJO) have a ton of fun exploring the lengths people are willing to go through to save their life or the lives of others – whether your a smoker trying to quit your addiction, a lethario forced to face great heights in the name of love or a house cat devoted to Drew Barrymore.” (Alamo Drafthouse)

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