1981 / 102 min. / PG
Director: Robert Fortier
Cast: Gordon Pinsent, Ken Carter, Robert Fortier


“Looks like a dangerous jump to me, boy. You got no elevation, you got no room for error. […] I don’t think I’d try this stunt.” – Evel Knievel

The Royal Cinema and the NFB would like to introduce you to Ken Carter, a Canadian stunt driver who in a 5-year span raised a million dollars to build a rocket-car for the stunt of a lifetime. The Devil At Your Heels follows the trials and tribulations (and more trials, and more tribulations) of this period. After multiple failed attempts, injuries and aging getting in the way, and financial backers jumping ship, Ken “The Mad Canadian” Carter somehow pulls the strings together to attempt a mile-wide jump of the St. Lawrence River that not even Evel Knievel would come anywhere near.

Ken Carter is by a mile one of the most peculiar inspirations to ever grace the cinematic screen. He is so profoundly hellbent on completing his goal for the sanctity of his showmanship, and the chance to be remembered and historic, that if the job took him another 5 years, he would have been ready, willing and able. This film is sad, bizarre, touching, absolutely hilarious – and definitely not to be missed.

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