2017 / 151 min. /
Director: Meni Yaesh
Cast: Tzion Baruch, Amos Tamam

With mounting debts and a pocketful of mafia money, Juda Ben Haim (Tzion Baruch) is determined to get rich or die trying. Unfortunately for Juda, a small-time criminal trying his luck in a high-stakes poker game in Romania, he neither gets rich… nor dies trying. Instead, a night of passion transforms him into a reckless Jewish vampire. He will have to find the keys to survive in his new body with the help of his best friend (Amos Tamam, Srugim and The Wedding Plan). Meeting somewhere between Snatch and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, this smart mix of humour, suspense, and action will keep you thirsty for more. TJFF presents the first three episodes of this new Israeli TV series. “Here’s hoping someone at Netflix is paying attention…” (Liel Leibovitz, Tablet) See also Zombies and Zionism: A Talk on New Israeli Horror Films (p.18).

Co-presented with: Toronto After Dark Film Festival


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