1926 / 70 min. /
Director: William A. Seiter
Cast: Reginald Denny, Laura La Plante, Ben Hendricks Jr.

Toronto Silent Film Festival: SKINNER’S DRESS SUIT (1926) – New Canadian Restoration Premiere!

A sparkling comedy of errors that’ll get everybody on their feet for the Savannah Shuffle. Reginald Denny and Laura La Plante are just two love birds trying to climb the American dream ladder of upward mobility. But it all balances on a raise at work. Things start to wobble pretty quickly as the spending gets crazy, bills pile up and the creditors campout out at the door. Will Skinner and Honey face the music or will they keep on dancing! Special guests Emily Evans, Reginald Denny expert and Jill and Jacqueline, Denny’s grandchildren, will talk about his long successful career and his remarkable achievements off screen. You’ll even find out about the connection to Marilyn Monroe. Film courtesy of Universal Pictures.

Plus The Moonshiners 2017 Finland A modern silent remake of the now lost first Finnish silent film.

Live accompaniment by Tania Gill

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