1919 / 85 min. /
Director: Victor Fleming
Cast: Douglas Fairbanks, Albert MacQuarrie, Kathleen Clifford

Toronto Silent Film Festival: WHEN THE CLOUDS ROLL BY (1919)

It’s the 100th anniversary of the founding of United Artists so a celebration of one of the founders, Douglas Fairbanks is in order! Our special guest, Kelley Smoot, Fairbanks family historian & editor of the newly published Douglas Fairbanks: The Fourth Musketeer will be in attendance.
We’re all familiar with the classic image of Douglas Fairbanks as the swashbuckling hero of Thief of Bagdad, Black Pirate and The Mark of Zorro. But the foundation of his fame was as a popular romantic comedy lead, first on stage and then in a series of crowd pleasing films.

Throughout the 1919-1920 period, he boldly commenced on a dizzying series of events that altered his career trajectory, his personal life and changed the course of Hollywood film history.

This was the second film UA release by Fairbanks and it was one of the last of his immensely popular contemporary films. It’s a dazzling off- the- wall spree of comedic action full of classic Fairbanks charm, humour and quite a number of leaps and bounds.

Fairbanks was always on trend so he easily picked up the then craze for dream interpretation and psychoanalysis playing a man who gets under the influence of a rather mad doctor. 

Starting with a striking and memorable fantastic nightmare scene caused by his midnight snack of spring onions, lobster, welsh rarebit and mince pie, it quickly romps through some dazzling action sequences ending with a visually arresting flood scene.
If you love Fairbanks, then this rarely screened gem is a must see.

The film will be preceded by a talk on Fairbanks and United Artists with Kelley Smoot, Pickford biographer Eileen Whitfield and moderated by writer and broadcaster Geoff Pevere.

Post Screening Book Signing for Douglas Fairbanks: The Fourth Musketeer with Editor Kelley Smoot. Buy your copy at the festival on Sunday and get it signed.

Live accompaniment: Bill O’Meara


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